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What’s in a design?
Sustainability is an important inspiration when we make design choices. We think about types of fabric and its composition. We think about dyeing techniques. How we can avoid any spill. How we can push sustainability in the fashion industry just a little bit forward – in every line of clothing and every garment we make.
Of the right stuff
Choosing the right material is ever so important. Sustainable fabrics have a much smaller environmental footprint than other fabric choices, and are less harmful for both humans and wildlife. All the sustainable fabric we use are certified from independent third party accredited agencies. Take a look at our go-to-choices for materials!
Fabrics and the fashion industry
The raw material of the fabric is a crucial decision in the making of a garment from both a durability and an environmental perspective. Choosing more sustainable materials is vastly helping to reduce the environmental impact. More sustainable materials are from renewable or recyclable sources, using less water, energy or chemicals in their production than conventional alternatives.
Fully dressed women standing in bathtubs
Why is it important with organic materials?
Because we can save 11 bathtubs of water per t-shirt
The cotton plant thrives in warm climates. Since it requires a lot of water to grow, farmers often use artificial irrigation. Except for the cultivation, there is also large amounts of water used for the dyeing and preparation of the textiles. It is estimated that about 2,500 litres of water is spent in the production of a normal t-shirt. Choosing to use organic cotton cuts the water need with an average of about 70%.
Girl wearing green t-shirt with short sleeves
Why is it important with recycled materials?
Because it’s an environmental double win.
Recycled materials are a double win for the environment. Not only does it keep waste material from ending up in landfills, it also reduces the need for virgin materials and it’s production resources – saving chemicals, energy and water.
NA‑KD one shoulder raw edge neck sweater
The problem with polyester
Polyester and polyamide are artificial fibres. They have durable qualities, but are oil-based and hence manufactured from non-renewable sources. Apart from this, they can release microplastic fibers when washed. Microplastics are too small for the treatment plants to catch, and they end up in the seas. That’s why we at NA‑KD are working to expand the use of recycled polyester. This allows us to reduce the pressure on natural resources and climate impact.
Our goal
100% products
from more
by 2025
Where we are now
For all our NA‑KD products and Collabs
Sustainability graph
2019 Q4
2020 Q1
2020 Q2
2020 Q3
2021 Q4
Short term goal
NA‑KD organic straight high waist raw hem jeans
About denim
We have made a decision. All NA‑KD denim styles that we design from here on are made by sustainable cotton, either recycled or organic.
We also aim to track chemicals use, water use, energy use and worker health through Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) on selected denim styles (for a start) – and share the results with you. Take a look at the hang tag and find the score for each garment! For example, check out these, and these, and these.
Every detail counts
We choose sustainable materials even for the smallest details.
Hang tags from recycled paper
Hang tags
All our hang tags are made from
recycled paper
Care label
Care labels
All our care labels are made from
recycled polyester
Strings from recycled polyester
All strings for our hang tags are made
from recycled polyester
Paper patch
Nope! All patches on the upper back of
your jeans are made from paper!
Animal friendly design
It is important for us to show compassion in our fashion. That's why we have decided to not sell products that harm animals in any way. Period.
Fur free retailer
NA‑KD is a proud member of
the Fur Free Retailer Program Read more here »
No fur
We don’t sell any products with
real fur. Not now. Not ever.
No Feathers & Down
We don’t sell any products with
down or real feathers.
Black jacket
Only Leather Scraps
On the rare occasions that we design with
leather, we only buy leather that’s a bi‑product from the meat industry.
exotic animals
We never use the skin from exotic or
endangered animals like lizards,
alligators, snakes or crocodiles.
Sheep friendly
We only use wool from animals
that have been treated ethically.
Our policy is to only use
mulesing-free wool.
All BTY by NA‑KD products are
cruelty-free, which means that they
are not tested on animals. As of 2021,
all our makeup products
are also vegan.
Girl in grey sweater
No cashmere or
We don’t sell virgin cashmere or mohair
products, since its production comes
with challenges both for animal welfare as well as environmental impacts.
Girl in white dress from leftover fabrics
Using all we got
At NA‑KD, we like to make the most out of everything. Because less spill and less waste is always the more sustainable choice.
Leave no deadstock behind!
“What a beautiful fabric! What is it?” During the visit in the showroom, our chief purchasing officer noticed a beige melange fabric swatch hanging on the rack that she really liked. The supplier excused themselves, they unfortunately only had limited quantities of it, as it was leftover from another production. A few discussions and moments later, the owner brought a few other swatches, all leftover fabrics. This became a great opportunity to develop a whole collection of jersey tops and dresses that were delivered three weeks later.
At NA‑KD we're proud of a flexible way of designing, where we can make use of small quantities and make sure that there's not much to waste – even from our competitors productions.
Woman doing her hair
Making every inch
of fabric count
We often buy left over fabrics to use for smaller productions of smaller items, but there are other ways to make sure that all fabric is used. Whenever there seems to be an unnecessary amount of fabric spill, we squeeze in a smaller sized design item in the same material. Maybe a face mask produced by the same cotton fabric we use for our jeans. Maybe a scrunchie out of the same faux leather we bought for a chic blouse.
It's a win-win for producers, us and the environment when waste and spill is at a minimum. And that scrunchie looks really good on you!
White linen pants
NA‑KD Reborn
NA‑KD Reborn is our certified definition of truly more sustainable products, where both material suppliers and factories need to hold sustainable materials certificates. To be part of the NA‑KD Reborn collection, factories also need to participate in our Environmental Performance Improvement Program by using the Higg Index, as well as fulfil our social requirements through signing our Code of Conduct, perform a social audit and continuously work to improve working conditions.
And we will continue to push the bar higher: Going forward, we aim for all NA‑KD Reborn products to be made with new innovative, sustainable materials or production techniques – such as recycled fishing nets or non-chemical fabric dyes using fruits and vegetables.
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